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Welcome to the club. We are not strippers. We are a lifestyle and entertainment company. It is our mission to change the way an individual looks at dating, comedy, music, fashion, and life. The change in perspective comes via the savage and gentleman conceptualizations. Savage has been redefined as having initiative and gentleman as being classy then some. There is no other brand that balances these perspectives like us. Our events, merchandising and trend setting will give you an imagination you never had before. See you at the club.


Where savage meets gentleman - we're breaking new ground on social standards.


                    BIG AL

Al sentado.jpg

Founder and Chief Business Strategist

Big Al started his career as one of those annoying-ass insurance salesman. He was always uncoordinated but forever dedicated. Now he is a company founder and is responsible for developing the SGC business plan. He brings years of experience in dealing with situations under less than ideal conditions. He can sell water to a fish. "Leave it to Big Al to smooth em’ out."

             DON IV

Don esta sentado.jpg

Founder and Chief Creative Architect

Don Four, a comedian and actor, used to be a door to door salesman. He sold windows, a product that everybody already had. Afterwards he got lucky and landed a job doing property taxes for the local county government. He could have settled on his 401k and retired but ambition kicked in, and now he is currently Chief Creative Architect for The Savage Gentlemen Club. "The sky is the limit!"

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